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About Andrea
Owner & Skincare Specialist

Licensed Esthetician with more than 15 years of experience.

Thank you for visit my website.
I hope you can find the treatment that you are looking for.  Fell free to browse around the site to check the services I'm offering.
I look forward to meeting you and to help you achieve any skin concerns you have.

My name is Andrea Nates I am a dedicated, passionate skincare specialist and full specialist in the state of Florida, with different certifications to be able to offer you with the best quality of products and services for your skin needs.
I am the owner and Solo Esthetician of
Happyskin Happysoul Skincare Spa with more than 10 years of experience in the beauty industry, I worked at different salons and spas here in Palm Beach County.  I had the opportunity to learn different techniques and protocols that I can now customized for my clients.

All of my services are guided towards relaxation, calmness, mindfulness and pampering.
Every client that visits Happyskin Happysoul will feel a peaceful vibe and calm energy, surrounded by meditation music, low lights, delicate essential oil scents and cozy blankets.
Enjoy the experience of having your facial treatment in a private, one on one setting, just me as your Esthetician dedicating all my time to just you.


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