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Happyskin Happysoul Skincare Studio
11041 Southern Blvd. Suite 117 Royal Palm Beach, FL

Happy Clients

Amra A.

Wellington, FL


"Andrea is professional and gentle. The place is very clean and relaxing. I had the microdermabrasion treatment with the fruit enzyme facial and it was amazing. I will be back, thank you"

Ariana O.

Lake Worth, FL


"Andrea so so wonderful, I just received the dermaplaing with Hydrofacial haven't been to her since last year due to Covid and my skin has suffered. She takes all precautions and I have had my shots so I am feel safe and I am so glad her business has survived. My skin is so much more clear and glowing when I keep up with monthly treatments.

Her treatments are very thorough and not rushed, it's so relaxing too!  You won't be disappointed!"


Nov 16, 2021 

"I had such an amazing facial! Not only did my face feel so soft. My face immediately looked so clear and bright. I am so happy that I found Andrea ! I will def be going back!"


Dec 23, 2021 

"Very nice facial! Andrea was wonderful"


Jan 19, 2020 

"What a beautiful experience! Andrea was very nice and knowledgeable of skin, particularly african-american skin in my case. I enjoyed the microdermabrasion and the fruit enzyme facial. The massages were wonderful and so relaxing!"


Jan 9, 2020 

"Clean beautiful relaxation studio. My face feels so fresh! I have extremely sensitive skin and sometimes harsh products at salons irritate my skin. She uses natural soothing products and has helped me transition to natural skincare. Highly recommend visiting!"


Jan 14, 2020 

"Andrea is fabulous!!! Her professional demeanor and knowledge are exceptional. I had a wonderful experience and definitely will be going back!! I highly recommend her services."

Donna M.

Cape Canaveral, FL


'I love Happy Skin Happy Soul! Andrea is great. My skin has improved immensely. I highly recommend this skincare studio!'

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